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Kawawa Ramen

Although Kawawa Restaurant’s AYCE wasn’t too impressive, my parents were still curious about Kawawa Ramen. And since we haven’t eaten here in years, we decided to give it a try. However it was a disappointing experience from the start…

Continue reading “Kawawa Ramen”


Kawawa Japanese Restaurant – AYCE

My parents wanted to give this place a try since we saw a long line a couple days before and we hadn’t eaten here in years. Continue reading “Kawawa Japanese Restaurant – AYCE”

Hon Sushi

What once used to be an AYCE Japanese restaurant (Fish on Rice) is now replaced by Hon Sushi – a Japanese and Korean restaurant!  Continue reading “Hon Sushi”

Qin Ma Grill 秦媽吾家

This place opened up pretty soon after Miss Saigon Vietnamese Bistro closed –  kinda sad I never gave it a try… Continue reading “Qin Ma Grill 秦媽吾家”

Kimu Sushi

Wanted to try out this new, Korean-run Japanese restaurant after seeing posts on Instagram! The location might not be the most convenient, but they have parking space for those of you who drive~  Continue reading “Kimu Sushi”

Ha Cafe

After seeing some good comments about this Vietnamese restaurant, I decided to try it out with my parents. [yes… this review is also 2 months late :/] Continue reading “Ha Cafe”

Nero Belgian Waffle Bar – Seymour St. locatoin

Finally tried Nero waffles with my foodie in crime!! We went to the newly-opened location on Seymour street. I’ve actually never been to the original location (the one on Robson) so I can’t compare, but I gotta say, these were some really good waffles! We literally devoured these waffles LOL Continue reading “Nero Belgian Waffle Bar – Seymour St. locatoin”

Long’s Noodle House

I think the last time I ate here was at least 3-4 years ago… But after seeing a few Instagram posts about their XLB, my parents and I decided to go for lunch! [sorry… another late review! this one is about 2 months old] Continue reading “Long’s Noodle House”

Satomi Sushi

This review is based on my visit to Satomi Sushi, a Japanese-owned restaurant, back in August 9th when it just opened (yes.. this review is 2 months old :/)  Continue reading “Satomi Sushi”

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